Detective Aileen Buckman has just uncovered a terrible secret, about corruption among her superiors in the Time Travel Police Department. How will she expose this diabolical plot without getting...erased...by the corrupt leader of the TTPD and his ruthless mob confidant?
Nar-Nar is the most popular sport on planet Neptune. And few people love Neptune and nar-nar more than Drohmr, a defensemen for the Planetary Nar-Nar League. His fierce rivalry with a competitive young rookie soon reveals corruption within the ranks of the PNL, where individual players are being targeted by the Neptunian Senate.
Jason Jacobs has a daughter named Liz, an autistic child who identifies with lizards better than people. Jason finds it unusual when Liz's pediatrician tells his wife Carrie that she has 'species identity disorder' and suggests that she take lizard hormones to feel comfortable in her not-yet-scaly skin. But why would Carrie be in favor of such a radical procedure in the first place?
Nebb Tuk has lived a hard life. He is a musician who has had every problem thrown at him and persevered because of his music. Due to a medical experiment he volunteered for, Nebb has bat-like wings. This puts him on the radar of the producers of a TV show that showcases mutants. But will newly-sober Nebb take the money and fame? Will he view the show as an outlet for the unique to shine or as pandering to those who are different?
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An alien prince battles a space slug that only gets stronger when it feeds on the selfishness, fear and hatred on the planets it consumes.
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